Welcome to Juneau Park

Juneau Park is a historical green space that transitions the urban skyline of Milwaukee to the expansive beaches of Lake Michigan.

In 2009, Juneau Park Friends was established as a non-profit with a mission to promote the preservation and renewal of Juneau Park.

With your help and the assistance of the Milwaukee County Parks System, we will continue to make the park a favorite destination for those who live and work in the neighborhood.

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Meet The Mayor


Milwaukee’s first mayor will always have his place in history, right here in Juneau Park. Residents and visitors have passed his way since 1872. He continues his watch over them today as they bike on the Oak Leaf Trail, take a scenic walk with their dog or play Frisbee with a friend.

For his dedicated service, Juneau Park Friends seeks to restore his statue and improve the surrounding area to honor the Mayor and create a spectacular overlook.  To learn more about our restoration project for the Mayor and Leif Erikson, visit the Restore the Statues page.

Stay Connected


Juneau Park has long been a place to seek peace and solitude. But sometimes you want to socialize and bask in the activity, not just the sun. And sometimes getting away from it all doesn’t mean you want to be alone.

Juneau Park’s natural terrace overlooking Lake Michigan is a great spot where friends and family can meet and enjoy a chat in tables and chairs with a beautiful view.

Kid Around


For watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July, flying a kite for the first time, strolling with the baby on a Sunday afternoon or any one of your favorite family activities, Juneau Park has always been the place.

Enjoy Nature


Juneau Park is a fresh change of pace from the busy downtown lifestyle that Milwaukee residents live day to day. It has provided an oasis of trees and plants from busy streets and high-rise buildings since its creation.

Juneau Park Friends continues to plant and maintain new trees and shrubs to bring more color and shade for visitors to enjoy.

Stay Fit


The 14 acres of green space in Juneau Park offer endless activities for visitors. For decades, people have come to the park for a quiet walk, a leisurely picnic or to simply relax and take in the spectacular views.

But as times changed, so have the activities—which today include running, biking and working out.